Sunday, April 6, 2008

Here's to half year anniversaries.

First and foremost, let me make a heartfelt apology for the recent lack of activity on my part. My grandpa has been in the hospital, and I've started college so I've been running short on the time department.

Secondly, let me just go ahead and raise a toast to celebrating half year anniversaries. Both my boyfriend and I have been drooling over the menu at Rosendale's every time we walk by, so he surprised me with flowers and a text message suggestion of "Rosendale's on the 27th?" last month. To be honest, I was really confused and trying to figure out if I missed an important event or something of that sort, but luckily I have a sappy and equally food oriented love who apparently likes to celebrate 4.5 year anniversaries. Yay!

So we dressed up real good and trott
ed off to Rosendale's post work on that very rainy evening in March, prepared to taste some pieces of heaven. We did not try the tasting menu, instead reserving judgement of this dinner to justify the expense later on. Let me say now, I'm itching to go back already. Here's our evening, in pictures.

le Popcorn

Romaine heart salad with creamy Goat Cheese emulsion, marinated Grape Tomatoes, Basil oil

Chef's soup - Tomato Soup with Parmesan Croutons

48 hour Short Ribs, Crushed Parmesan Potatoes, Red Wine froth, Rosemary Steeped Beef Jus

Short Ribs, ver 2

Honey glaze Pork Loin, Southern fried Spoonbread, Braised Greens, Sweet Potato Puree, Crispy Pork Rinds, Smoky Pork Jus

Pork, ver 2

Lemon Curd with Ginger Ice Cream, Toasted Meringue, Crushed Raspberries, Almond Streusel

Everything we had was just insanely delicious. If any complaints, I'd say that the popcorn was a tad bit soggy as though it had been sitting there just a few minutes too long. The pork was also just a tiny bit dry, but other than those tiny details the whole meal was just really, really good. To be fair, I went in expecting to be less than impressed because of all the good reviews but I understand them. Richard Rosendale knows what he's doing.

My favorite part of the evening? That ridiculously delicious, ridiculously complex lemon curd. It was an explosion of flavor and texture with every mouthful, from the tart curd to the sweet, marshmallow-y meringue on top. It was sublime.

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Krillison said...

I thought your favorite part of the evening was being with me :( lol jk