Sunday, January 27, 2008

Death by Macaron.

on Gift Box ($15)

Although Pistacia Vera (the bakery formerly known as Pistachio) has been around for a few years, there are still too many Columbusites that are ignorant to its existence. As a macaron-addict, and yet again proud Columbus foodie, I see it as my frank and honest duty to break this ignorance. From coworkers to friends, no one has escaped my fanatical love of these little beauties. I have spent way too much money on savoring the flaky, butter-y goodness. I shudder to think of how many pounds I have put on doing this, in fact. It's best not to think of it. Maybe I should get some more to help numb the pain.

A list of flavors in this box: Caramel Pecan; Rosewater Raspberry; Chocolate Chai; Gianduja; Apricot and something else I cannot remember; and Pistachio Lemon. This box was taken to a coworker's house after she so politely invited my best friend and I over to invade her space with jello shots and complaints about men. These make lovely presents to take for any occasion. Bring me some and I may love you forever. ;)


Krillison said...

You missed Rambo that night :( lolz

Me love you. N1c3 p1><0rz!

Columbus Foodie said...

I agree completely - I think I could live on the Caramel macarons. :) My favorite thing at Pistacia Vera, though - their caneles. OMG good.