Monday, July 16, 2007

How does one define the love of food, exactly? It is a common interest, as most human beings on this earth live to eat, eat to live, and don't think a second thing about it. There are the far and few between, however, who love food with an intensity that is almost to be feared.

The ones who wake up with the thought of the evening meal in their minds; the ones that see the infinite beauty that is to be found in the perfect swirls of butter-cream at your neighborhood baker. The ones who take pride in the pearls of knowledge that they hold so dear to their heart, painstakingly learned from every cookbook and recipe they have ever feasted their greedy hands and eyes upon.

I am one of the latter. Browsing through the internet, I have found myself in the company of many who share my love, already doing what then struck me as the most personal, beautiful way to share this obsession that clings to me so desperately. The skill of blogging is one many understand, even more partake in, but very few truly possess. Let us hope that I will be one of those few.

Bon appetit.