Sunday, April 27, 2008


ZenCha Tea Salon... the name drives me crazy, along with their okonomiyaki & fruity tea spring blend. Although I didn't picture it, make sure you hit up ZenCha brunch on weekends from 11 to 2PM ONLY, and go early, for their waffles & OKONOMIYAKI! It's my recent addiction. Savory pancakes, cabbage, onion, grilled chicken or seafood, kewpie mayo and okonomiyaki sauce (similar to tonkatsu). Very insanely addictive. ZenCha pleases me because their presentation is always spot on, appealing to the eye and the mouth. For me, for sure, a definite part of eating is the sensory detail. Plating is a big deal. You can make even horrible food "taste" better if you plate it nicely. Fortunately, they don't have that problem at ZenCha because most of their food is ALSO pretty tasty. Behold.

Venus- white choco genoise, berry & choco mousses

Don't remember.. don't hit me

Some sort of chocolate hazelnut thing...

Spring Blend Fruity Tea made w/ black tea

Smoked Salmon Salad

Fig and Parmesan Salad

Last but not least... DUMPLINGS!


Krillison said...

Ying's Tea House had better dumplings. but they were still good.

Krillison said...

That Okonomiyaki is very good stuff.

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Krillison said...


Kresnadi said...

The dessert looks fabulous. Yum….