Sunday, January 20, 2008

Nutritional expenditures.

Behold Vaughn!

Lately, thanks (or no thanks, depending on your point of view) to a lack of working stove and groceries, I have spent entirely too much money on the fine art of... dining out. Now, I've had a lot of experience in this delicate task so believe me when I say: Short North has some incredible eateries. Incredible, people. So many brilliant and unique culinary perspectives available in a matter of minutes. No, I'm definitely not regretting my decision to move. Starting from the eve of this grand new year to this very night, I have experienced some very, very delicious meals. Is this luck? Or is this just some sort of fluke, wave after wave of culinary brigade aimed to numb my brain and tease my senses? I'm not quite sure but either way, I know without a doubt that I will not be leaving with an empty stomach.

As you will no doubt come to know me through this blog, you will also come to understand that my love for Japanese food runs to a level so deep, it may seem inane. I could happily eat pork tonkatsu and sushi rice every day for the rest of my life. Speaking of which, am I the only crazy person that prefers a nice bowl of vinegar-y sushi rice to normal rice??? Say it ain't so!

As it happens, I tried two Japanese restaurants in the last month. Zen Sushi+ more is across the street from the convention center, and was patronized by me twice. Once, the weekend of Ohayocon in the company of two lovely Bostonian friends. The sushi was yummy, the company was great. Rewind to NYE- I seem to remember 6 of my beloveds gathered around a Japanese table low to the ground, our stockinged feet tucked underneath us and our chopsticks tucked into plate after plate of fresh sushi, crunchy tonkatsu and creamy mayo salmon. This place is quite delicious, fresh and fair priced.

Chicken Teriyaki


Spicy Salmon Roll

Also, I am quite addicted to these tasty morsels of joy. Spicy salmon rolls are a new love for me, but it's already very intense. I'm fond of intense love affairs- what's the joy in being bland? ;)

Now, because I am a proud Columbus foodie who takes the greatest pleasure in sharing deliciousness with others, I fed my Bostonians quite well on the 4 days they stayed before they left me on their little Skybus flight back to MA. I feel that I might have caused at least a 5lb weight gain for each of them. Sorry, loves! Before their flight home, I took them to a little restaurant almost synonymous with the Short North... Betty's! What can I say about Betty's? I'm in LOVE! We had these beautiful, beautiful Potato chip nachos... topped with melt-y cheese and served with a mountain of sour cream. The person who came up with this idea is a genius. I bow down to your greatness. Also eaten were: garden veggie pasta, cheesy hashbrown soup, beer brats, and some noodles. Seriously, I bow down.

Home made potato chip nachos

Beer brats

Also worth mentioning, I am ridiculously in love with Tip Top Kitchen's sweet potato fries. I crave them every day, and cry maniacally when I cannot grasp my greedy little fingers upon their sweet, golden, crunchy perfection. I sound a bit obsessed. I'm NOT. Promise. Don't sue me, please.

For a quick bite to eat, my darling Danny and I met up with beloved Vaughn and Thomas, and went to a little Thai restaurant on the corner of King in Grandview. I cannot remember the name, but apparently it took over the spot of a Tim Horton's. There's your trivia for the night. Quick bites of panang, pad thai, and curry made our tummies happy! Refer to beginning of entry for picture of teh rican.

The last gorgeous, beautiful meal I leave you with was devoured at Due Amici. Darling and I took some of my beloveds to dinner tonight, and after leaving the restaurant I was so inspired that I wrote this entry! Thank god for small miracles! As soon as my eyes landed on the Butternut Squash Ravioli- roasted root veggies, spaghetti squash, cranberry sage butter, I was a goner. I'm a nut for anything Butternut (ha ha, get it?? ... I apologize.) and this just called to me. Do any of you experience this when dining? Certain things just sing to you, taunting you with seductive whispers in your ears, lavishing with you with their... well, you get the idea. In any case, this was a gorgeous dish. It worked, and oh dear, I may be dreaming of it tonight. The rest of our meal included: Grilled Salmon, Chicken Parm, Chicken Alfredo all of which were pronounced quite lovely. For the record, Due Amici may have THE coolest bathroom in Columbus. Just sayin'.

Apologies for the horrid picture, lighting was pretty low. Order this!
Butternut Squash Ravioli.

Til next time!


Krillison said...

me love you. ENCORE!

Lavaughn said...

zomg foods are teh good!

Krillison said...


did you mean to put this...

"I'm in LOVE! We had these beautiful, beautiful Potato chip nachos..."

Bear said...

You love Japanese food deeply? I have three words for you.

Omakase at Kihachi.